Monday, 13 June 2011

"Max Newyork life Insurance" "Max New York Life Flexi Fortune"

          "PLAN OVERVIEW"
 When it comes to a plan that will help you plan for your financial goals be it a car, your dream home, a holiday abroad or the protection and comfort of your family, you want to trust the best. Invest in the Max New York Life Flexi Fortune, a unit linked Life Insurance plan, which offers a unique combination of protection with returns to fulfill your goals.
Minimum/ Maximum Age of Life Insured at Entry (Last Birthday) 7 – 50 years
Premium payment term / Policy Term 5 pay - 10 years term
10 pay – 15 years term
15 pay – 20 years term
Maximum Age of Life Assured at Maturity 70 years
Premium payment Mode Annual, Semi Annual, Quarterly or Monthly
Quarterly or Monthly mode through ECS only
Minimum Annual Target Premium 5 pay – 10 years term
All modes minimum Premium is Rs. 50,000
Other Variants
Annual Mode: Rs. 24,000
Non-annual mode: Rs. 36,000
Maximum Annual Target Premium Rs. 100,000 for all variants

Sum Assured
Annual Premium X Cover Multiple
Upto age 30 : 10/20/30 times of ATP
Age 31 to 40: 10/ 20 times of ATP
Age 41 to 50: Fixed 10 times of ATP

Minimum Sum Assured: 2,40,000
Maximum sum assured : 30,00,000

Maturity Benefit:

On maturity, you will be eligible for an amount equal to prevailing Fund Value where the Fund Value will be calculated as:

Fund Value = (Accumulated Units * prevailing NAV)

Death Benefit:

In case of Death of the Life Insured before maturity of Policy, your nominees will be eligible for an amount equal to Sum Assured + Fund Value

Progressive Auto Cover Enhancement:

The unique feature of PACE will automatically increase your sum assured every year by 10% of base initial sum assured starting year 2 till end of policy term. This benefit is inbuilt and will be provided to you without any further increase in premium or additional underwriting
             "KEY BENEFITS"
    * Comprehensive protection through high sum assured multiples.
    * Systematic Transfer Plan to protect against market volatilities and to get the benefit of rupee cost averaging.
    * Progressively increasing sum assured for increasing liabilities without additional underwriting
    * Choice of premium payment options to suit cash flow patterns.
    * Choice of seven well managed funds for investors of different risk profiles.
    * Flexibility to make partial withdrawals to meet unplanned expenses.
    * Flexibility to opt for Personal Accidental Benefit and Dread Disease rider.
UIN 104C010V02
Entry Age 20 - 50 years
Expiry Age 60 years
Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 2,40,000
Maximum Sum Assured The lower of base face amount or Rs. 10 Lakhs
You have the choice of any of the 6 expertly managed funds to direct your investments in any one or more of the following funds of the company or choose Systematic Transfer Plan which enables you to make the most of the market volatility.
Funds Asset Types
Government Securities Corporate Bonds (Investment Grade) Money Market and Cash Instruments Equity
Secure 50-100% 0-50% 0-40% Nil
Conservative 50-80% 0-50% 0-40% 0-15%
Balanced 20-50% 20-40% 0-40% 10-40%
Growth 0-30% 0-30% 0-40% 20-70%
Growth Super 0-20% 0-20% 0-30% 70-100%
Money Market Nil Nil 100% Nil
Secure Plus Fund* 60-100% 0-40% 0-40% Nil

*Secure Plus Fund is only available with Systematic Transfer Plan


    * Existing investment can be moved in totality or in a certain proportion to one or more funds from the current one
    * 12 switches/policy year and all are free of charge

Premium Redirection:

    * Modify the flow of future investments, different from the existing pattern.
    * 12 redirections/policy year and all are free of charge

Partial Withdrawals:
Can be made anytime subject to a lock in period of 5 years.
Minimum: Rs. 5,000
Maximum: Lower of 20% of Fund Value /Fund Value cannot be less than 1.5 times of initial ATP


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