Thursday, 9 June 2011


You have the choice of any of the 6 expertly managed funds to direct your investments in any one or more of the following funds of the company or choose Systematic Transfer Plan which enables you to make the most of the market volatility.
Funds Asset Types
Government Securities Corporate Bonds (Investment Grade) Money Market and Cash Instruments Equity
Secure 50-100% 0-50% 0-40% Nil
Conservative 50-80% 0-50% 0-40% 0-15%
Balanced 20-50% 20-40% 0-40% 10-40%
Growth 0-30% 0-30% 0-40% 20-70%
Growth Super 0-20% 0-20% 0-30% 70-100%
Money Market Nil Nil 100% Nil
Secure Plus Fund* 60-100% 0-40% 0-40% Nil

*Secure Plus Fund is only available with Systematic Transfer Plan


    * Existing investment can be moved in totality or in a certain proportion to one or more funds from the current one
    * 12 switches/policy year and all are free of charge

Premium Redirection:

    * Modify the flow of future investments, different from the existing pattern.
    * 12 redirections/policy year and all are free of charge

Partial Withdrawals:
Can be made anytime subject to a lock in period of 5 years.
Minimum: Rs. 5,000
Maximum: Lower of 20% of Fund Value /Fund Value cannot be less than 1.5 times of initial ATP

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